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About Me

Life "imploded" in 2009 leaving Kerry with $1000. She embarked on self discovery journey to her dream of being an artist who makes a difference. She is now a transformational guide & coach, intuitive artist, founder of The Self Discovery Wisdom School, mom, wise elder & friend to many. USAΒ (she/her)

After a long marriage & shared business ended, a career that drained my energy & health, I embarked on a path to find a life filled with meaning, fulfillment & joy. Success came as an inspired, intuitive, non-judgemental to self discovery coach & artist. I can help you find you find YOUR way.

I believe part of having a better life after a relationship ends is knowing more about who we each are, what gives us energy & what depletes us. After an 18 year marriage, work and a life that mostly didn't fit I started again, with $1000 to my name. Let's talk so I can help guide you, back to you.

I work with the bereaved with deep listening and gentle intuitive guidance to honor your loved one, while doing a simple creative project together. No art experience needed, simply a pen, paper & color. This helps to move grief out of the body and on to the paper, while creating a simple keepsake.

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