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About Me

Hi there, I'm Kim! (She/Her)
I empower people to see their value, embrace their flaws, and step into their power as entrepreneurs. I focus on helping other creatives transform dreams into reality. I'd love to empower and help you too! Let's chat.

I spent too many years being self-conscious, negative, and socially awkward, until I failed into success. I know what it's like to turn personal chaos into personal confidence. Whether it's landing the new job, getting back into dating, or navigating a major life change, I have helped many people find the confidence to succeed. Let's Checkin about making that change for you...

I have been working as a micro-influencer for the past 4 years and I'll be honest I made no money the first year and had a house full of items I did not want or need. Let's check-in so you can avoid some of my mistakes and still make money while growing your online brand.

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