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About Me

Iโ€™m a newly divorced single parent. Iโ€™m an abuse surviver, a Marine Corps veteran, a parent, an artist, an entrepreneur, and many more things. People are like onions, they have many layers. Iโ€™ve had many life experiences and have been knocked down by life many times with only myself to pick me up.

There was a time in my life where I didnโ€™t know what to believe. I went to church for a few years as a Christian but felt like something was missing. I searched through other beliefs for something that suited me better. Letโ€™s checkin on your beliefs.

I recently went through a divorce and am co-parenting. The process is difficult and sometimes we need a little help. I would love to checkin with you about how you are doing during the process.

I have lived alone for a good amount of my adult life. It can be a little scary to transition to even if you have lived alone before. I recently had to go through that transition again after my divorce. Letโ€™s checkin and see how you are doing.

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