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About Me

She / Her
Hi everyone!
CA born and raised
TX to grow as person
OK to settle down
Always a listening ear
No judgment zone

No bio children Married a wonderful man who had a great child. We decided not to expand our family Some days that can be hard but it was right for us . Sharing a child is never easy !

I grew up in California- known for welcoming all Didn't grow up in an open home , religion controlled it Then my mom changed our home belief system and came out to the family by moving in with a woman she met at church! Now it's 15 years later and they are still together ❀️

I grew up in California. At 19 I was the first person in my family to move away. I had a friend in Texas and took the jump to fly out and live with her. Stayed there for 5 years. After a hard break up I moved to Oklahoma. Best thing I ever did. Met a wonderful spouse and plan to stay!

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