About Me

Hi my name is Lisa. I enjoy meeting new people. I am a good listener and I am a compassionate person. I am opened minded and non judgemental. I have over 20 years Counselling.

Burnout is normal in this society. I have had very difficult jobs so I have plenty experiences with burnout. If you need someone to chat with call me.

I am currently disabled. I have had many things happen to me. Car accidents. Work injuries. And I am permanently disabled due to hospital negligence. I can help you if your going thorough it.

I know how it feels to loose love ones. I lost my Mom, my Grandmother, Uncle and my Fiance in a span of 9 years. And Iost my house and my dog. It has been a lot. But I keep a positive attitude and I live life to the fullest. If you need to talk to someone about grief and loss I am the one to talk to