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About Me

I'm a married step-mother to two teenage girls, co-parenting with a narcissistic biological mother. I'm caring for my aging mother, in our home. I've been through teenage angst, including runaways and trauma and ADD. I'm here to relate but firstly to listen. Come talk to me, friends!

My parents always took care of each other, but after my dad passed, my mother was on her own. When she broke her hip, we knew she couldn't continue living in her apartment alone. Thankfully, our family was in a position to make a home with her. It's been a challenge and a reward to be her caregiver.

I'm a parent to 2 step-daughters . Their biological mother uses one of them to fulfill her own life, after she abandoned them as toddlers. My choice would have been to co-parent with communication, patience and extra love but sometimes that doesn't work out. Let's talk healthy parenting!

I have been in a blessed marriage for over 10 years. I understand but everyone experiences that, so let's talk about love, communication and ways to feel closer to your significant other.

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