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"Laura was really relatable. She was also encouraging."

About Me

I am a certified health and wellness nutrition coach, as well as, a Life Coach. I have been through the ringer, and know what its like to fight your own body and your own demons. My goal is to help others that feel alone in this, and lift them up!

After my son was born, I was rushed to the hospital and very close to death due to 2 pulmonary embolisms. This was followed by a late diagnosis of Lyme, Gaul bladder surgery, cancer cells and hypothyroidism. My body was fighting me. I had to learn how to manage with a newborn. But I survived!

I have a 10 year old son who has ADHD, speech delays and food sensitivity issues. He is my world and I understand what it takes to raise a strong willed child and what it's like as a parent to find that balance in life.

Stuck in one place? Feeling like you are not going to get any further in a career? I was there! Run down at work and working for a company who could care less about you as a person. I had to switch my career in a hurry. Best decision of my life.

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