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Hello! Im luna im 23 i think I’ve got good sense of humor but I can also be shy at first haha. i enjoy listening but afraid of being listened to.. I’d love to hear about you and support the best way I can!
I also am fluent in Spanish (:

Well I’ve got several stories related to this topic.. unfortunately I haven’t been very lucky at staying at one place.. me, mom and brothers have moved out of our own homes several times and had to move from one city to another, going almost homeless to a shelter, changing schools.. etc.

I can certainly confess and accept that I’ve done it and have gone through it, in order to heal both parties I had to apologize to a lot of people and still working at saying sorry to myself.. I’d love to help & support you if you’re going through this.

I personally have been through the ups and downs With my friends, coming out, confessing to their love hoping they’re not judged, I don’t want at all for you to feel that way, I want to spread awareness that it’s okay to be yourself, I’m all ears ! And would love to help the best way I can ❤️

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