About Me

Hey everyone, I’m Mads! I live in Mississippi but previously lived in Texas. I love the outdoors, animals, art and movies. My fiancé and I have a son together that we both love dearly. I’ve been on a healing journey for the last 7 years or so!

I was kicked out of my adoptive parents house at the age of 17 and ended up moving two states away. There was verbal and mental abuse in the household and when I kept putting up a fight they decided they no longer wanted me around, which at that point was fine with me.

At the age of 15 I was diagnosed Bipolar 2. I know I have undiagnosed ADHD because it’s off the walls at times. I’ve tried several medications, getting more involved with church, meditation and my own types of escapes to find what works best for me to keep it under control. Day to day can be hard.

I have had a lot of trauma growing up, with friends, family and people I thought I could trust. I never really fit in because I was quiet and have trust issues. I’ve gone no contact with a lot of people in my life because I refuse to deal with what I used to.

I was adopted as a baby so I was raised by my adoptive parents completely. Being the black sheep of the family though caused a lot if internal problems with me though. I’ve always known parts of my biological family due to an open adoption. I have since been on a healing journey from trauma!

I am a mother who works from home, I currently have one son with my fiancé! I do enjoy working from home because I get to save money from a babysitter and spend more time with my family. We are breaking generational curses in this household, our house is a safe place and always will be.