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From the East Bay Area I left after HS and attended Med School in India. I learned so much and was humbled by diff cultures, lang. and most of all patient care in different countries. Travelling amazing places gave me experiences of a lifetime over over again, it is time for me to share my knowledge

Rediscovering yourself after love is hard but can be fun healing just takes time. I've gained more prespective and grown a lot from my past relatiomships and I can tell you with confidence that there is light at the end of the tunnel! Let's talk and get this new healthy chapter of life started.

I converted to Buddhism during med school, I've been on the path of spirituality since. As man we are the most advanced tool on this planet, we posses the highest technology of all, our Brain. Enlightenment is within us, so simple yet complicated. Im hear to answer any questions or just to talk.

I've lost people very close to me and learned how to empower myself from loss and trauma instead of the opposite. It does take time and courage but their is def. light at the end of the tunnel. At times you need to vent other times just be alone, either way I'm willing to help through the process.

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