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"She was very knowledgeable and made it comfortable"
"Mary was very knowledgeable about mental illnesses, and coping skills. She also made me feel very comfortable considering it wasn't first session. She's awesome I'd recommend her in a heart beat."

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Helping women who lost their identities work through trauma, find purpose, build confidence and fall in love. Fall in love with themselves.
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Iโ€™ve been swapping out addictions for other addictions for most of my life. This is a form of trauma that has never been healed. On antidepressants for almost 30 years, and was still depressed, which led to anxiety and further addiction. Letโ€™s break the chain. Forget that pattern. Build new habits.

After I left my husband, I lost everything. He convinced me since I wanted out, I should get nothing. I went from financial freedom to food stamps, yet I was never happier. While married I felt alone, invisible and unappreciated. I never thought I would be single, bankrupt and 52 yet there I wasโ€ฆ

As the youngest of 14 children I can honestly tell you that my childhood was like no other. There many beliefs systems that were passed down to me that resulted in trauma. I hope people identify their traumas work through them and rewrite their stories. We break patterns.

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