About Me

I am the person that gets stopped everywhere by random people and told their life story or asked for advice. I've been through alot of trauma in my life; so what I've learn I'll share to try and help others through.

I have always been the one whom people noticed first and then try to destroy. I use to not understand why I was shuned for the littlest thing; like they just were waiting for a reason. I know exactly why now. I'll share my perspective on this subject and maybe it will help someone else through.

I Thought I would be married forever, so I trusted everything to him, my life, finances, complete control. To my surprise he was a Narcacist.

When we are not close to God and God wants you back, He will put you in a position where all you can do is call on him and he will answer at the perfect time. You may be going through trails because he wants you back, if he wants you, let's hope that is the case.