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I'm Michelle. I am transgender &very proud of my journey. I welcome any beautiful soul. Thi world is big enough for all of us! Let's share our journey. Let's share peace, love & happiness as we heal our wounds.There's nothing wrong with you, there's something wrong with them.

I was abandoned by my mother. Grew up with a narcissist father. Being transgender is extremely hard. I fell in love, which woke me to a life of hate and abusive people. Just by being me, I saw a world of people who hated me. Including my father. I said, this is me. I live happy.

Spirituality found me in my darkest hour. I was raised Catholic. At 12, my father forced atheism on me. Spirituality saved me from deep wounds. Never looking back, I can say I've healed thanks to spirituality. I use to see life dark, now it's filled with rainbows and flowers. Message me for my info.

Hi beautiful. Have you felt alone on your journey? Did it feel scary moving into that garage or room? Did it feel nerve decking moving to another state? A racist state? I'll tell you, journey is hard. But allow me to help heal you. I've seen it all. Harassment to safety. I've moved a lot. Come share

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