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About Me

Hey I'm Mo! S/H

I'm a marine conservationist based in South Florida. When home, you can find me paddling, surfing, and advocating for the ocean. My partner and I, along with our two dogs, are often towing our tiny camper around the U.S. in search of new adventures. Let's chat!

As a communications major(and enthusiast), I have studied different "languages" as it pertains to love, forgiveness, anger and frustration, etc. I am passionate about encouraging others to find their "language" in a way that allows them to better communicate with loved ones and partners.

I was raised in a Christian household, and as I entered my college years, I struggled to find the balance between religion and the politics of current society. I can offer insight on the path I have traveled as it pertains to navigating religion, religious upbringings, religious trauma.

Battling imposter syndrome and burnout isn't easy. It's a tough mental battle, but in the end it can lead to re- prioritizing the most important things in life and a new self confidence that will radiate!

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