About Me

English main, started learning Spanish and some French, but am not even close to being fluent. Breckinridge Co, KY is currently home. Beginning to struggle with choice of hormones or not. I believe I truly want to, but need to make sure this is whats right for me AND everyone else.

Me and wife have swapped roles, and, as a genderfluid, I am loving it! I guess because it makes me feel like the woman? I don’t know, but I know I have really taken to being the housewife! Taking care of the kids is amazing! I am truly appreciating all I have now because of this new found clarity.

Was raised Catholic, then forgot about religion kind of, came back to Christianity, and now I am connecting to the Earth and the people like never before by focusing on energy, and I feel the best I ever have. And I would pass most people’s test for a good guy I think aside from my sexuality I guess

MTF, I am becoming much more comfortable with my feminine side. And I just keep giving energy to my wife staying by me through all this because above all else I love her.

I recently have BEGUN coming out I guess you could say. I live in a small town and have children so I have to be careful locally for them right now but I am out to family and friends. I guess I’ve stuck my leg out 🀭