About Me

34 from Ohio
I have two boys and a wonderful fiance.
I am a great listener and have been through a lot in my 34 years. I would love to help anyone who needs an open ear ❀️

I have a 9 year old boy and a ten year old boy. I deal with a lot of family problems because my youngest loves to wear "girl" clothing and loves "girl" things. I just want him to be happy but my family doesn't approve.

I came out to my family in my late 20s after living in shame due to my family being very religious and kicking my gay uncle out of the family for being gay. It was the best decision I've made bc now I don't feel horrible for hiding who I am.

I am divorced from my abusive controlling ex. It was a hard decision to leave but definitely the best for me and my boys

I have delt with depression a lot of my life and recently am taking the journey to get diagnosed with adult ADHD. My youngest is ADHD and we are also on the path for possible autism diagnosis for him. My fiance has undiagnosed mental health problems that we are trying to work thru.