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About Me

My name is Natasha and I joined here to help people with grief, trauma, loss, breakups and moving away from home. I can share personal experiences of mine and listen to yours and help you get through these issues life throws at us

I have lost a parent at a young age, had some loss of friendship and left my narcissistic husband which has led to a lot of trauma, suffering and a whole lot of grief. I would like to share some positivity, healthy coping mechanisms but mainly let you know you are not alone and would love to listen

Break ups are difficult as you are losing a loved one and your life will change from their absence. I have personally been through many of them and I know they hurt like hell but everything can be solved with a good support network and that’s why I am here

I moved from Europe to America and let me tell you has it been dramatic. I’ve been faced with every issue you can think of along with a lot of fun exciting adventures and opportunities. Moving is frightening and lonely but you will find yourself in all this chaos and it is worth it

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