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About Me

Hey everyone I'm Noah, he/him pronouns. I live in Massachusetts, and speak English only (altho would love to learn other languages).
I am transgender female to male and have a great deal of life experience in this topic.
Along with this I have worked as a life/employment coach for many years.

I can help you prepare for employment, build a resume, and create a work profile. Find employment that fit your skills and interests. Along with finding a career you can grow in.

I have experienced a great deal of confusion and miss guidance on what it means to have faith. Over time I have developed my own sense of faith using techniques such as tarot reading, meditation, and astrological understanding.

I am myself female to male and have been transitioning for about 8 years now. I started this journey later in my 30s and understand how scary it can be at this age. I'm here to help with advice share my experiences and space to be heard.

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