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About Me

Born in East L.A.
Raised in AZ.
Vegas transplant of 13 years.

Entrepreneur - Jobless since 2005.
Ad agency survivor.
Branding, marketing & adverting expert.

Artist by nature.
Graphic designer by trade.
Creative director by experience.
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Recovering Catholic. Discovered at a very young age there is life outside of organized religion and raised my daughter on these beliefs. To be kind to others regardless of their beliefs. To nurture and love plants and animals. To listen to your inner voice and trust the Universe. #namaste

I lost my grandmother when I was 27, after a long battle with many diseases and ailments. She raised me from infancy, as my mother was a drug addict and gave up her rights to me. Losing her was like losing a mother. This pain still sits with me today… nearly 20 years later.

Owned & operated a Las Vegas ad agency for the better part of a decade, working with blue chip corps and B-list celebs on The Strip. During this time I received many awards & accolades for my contributions. I’ve had my fair share of bad business partners & deals. I can offer advice in many areas.

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