About Me

I'm in California, mother of 2, and grandmother of 2, I'm real ,I'm loving ,And I have many experiences to help any one get through what I experienced, God Bless

I dealt with losing my Mom to covid, at that time ,I also had all my rights taken away from me t be bye her side, and I didn't even know what they were doing to help her It was one of the hardest times, with My faith, Trusting the lord, I am at peace with it all and very blessed.moms with Jesus

My faith is strong, and my beliefs are more than the Bible I read,I feel there are a lot more un told stories, of who we are.I am still growing,discovering on path with my best self, self love helps you understand who you are and gives you peace, I have many out looks on different areas in life.

I was married 16 years,We were young as we started, I went through abuse cheating ,and many more things, there was love and heart ace