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About Me

The art of writing through pain,happiness and confusion. Through writing I understand my true authentic self. Writing is my passion, my true love, my soul purpose.I can write for hours. I am a humanitarian & motivational speaker. I find the courage to follow my spiritual path. I am blessed ❀️

Born into a life of abused. Through many failure due to fears from childhood traumas. I found the courage to burn the bridges and used the ashes to pave my own path. Through Spiritual awakening I boldly embrace my uniqueness which active my powerful self, which is embodied in unconditional love

I had 2 miscarriage, my miscarriage on 10/10/2014 was the spiritual, wake up call I needed. My life changed thereafter. I started seeing events as a lessons & mirrors of what I need to heal within. I see closed doors as blessings,as the fake version of self die & the new version rise, fearlessly

I used to suffer from anxiety since I was 9 years old. Mainly panic attack is a sudden and intense feeling of terror, fear, or apprehension, which leave me confused and unable to fine familiar places .Since my spiritual awakening, in 2014, two years ago I am now anxiety free,

I was a event planner, during my spiritual awakening, I went into health care to be of service to others. God was not accepting that ,due to fears I was ignoring my calling to be a writer/motivational speaker & Humanitarian. Today I am boldly walking out into the unknown to my calling.