About Me

Hiya. I am hoping you wanna check In with a smart, funny, thoughtful, driven for personal growth and healing person. I am a trans man living my best life in MI. I have two kiddos and a partner! I have neurodivergence, chronic pain, gender dysphoria, struggling to live authentically, and orphaned.

Recently came out as trans πŸ³οΈβ€βš§οΈ FTM. I am going to start my transition. I have a binder (GCTBL), STP/STP boxers coming, and I plan to start T-shots as soon as possible. I also need a referral for top surgery. gender dysphoria is no joke!!

I recently came out as transgender on 7/10/22 to my partner and my kiddos. My kiddos are 13, and 6 years old. They are doing okay with the transition. On 7/19/22, I officially started to use an STP and binder to fully become myself. I also started HRT on 8/12/22!

Currently on disability for mental reasons. I am a trained clinical social worker and no one can take that knowledge away from me!! Hoping to continue to improve myself with support groups, therapy, and other modalities for personal growth like Checkin!!

My parents are toxic and abusive. I have officially cut them out of my life as of 2019 in July. My parents have been abusive towards myself my partner and my children. I wish I would’ve cut them out sooner but I still view that as a loss because now I no longer have supportive adults in my life.

I homeschool my kiddos who are 13 and 6 years old. They are really struggling. I was unschooling them, and my partner wanted something else. So we are doing Connections Academy. My oldest hates it and so does the youngest but they only just started to be vocal about it. might have to go to unschool