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About Me

Hi, my name is Salome. I live in Virginia, am 26, & a lesbian. I've had a variety of life experiences, struggles, & joys, & am excited to talk with you!!

From being a preacher's kid in a very strict environment, to going to the largest Christian university at the time, to leaving it all & embracing myself & spirituality without the labels, I have extensive experience, struggles, & victories in faith & spirituality! I'm excited to talk with you!

I've always liked girls, but I didn't always know what that meant or its consequences. Getting older I quickly learned. Coming out. Being my true self. Figuring out labels yet none. Navigating rejection, hate, heartbreak, & seclusion. I'd love to share, listen, learn, & validate.

I'm the kind of person that has stood out most times & including in the workplace. I work & am good at it. People feel insecure & threatened despite my humble, helpful, & ordinary behavior. I've left stressful jobs. I've started building the work of my dreams. I look forward to talking with you.

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