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"Selina was awesome. She was a very attentive listener and she gave great advice. I left the session being more clear of what my next steps should be. This was a great experience."

About Me

Hi :) My name is Selina, I am 32 years old and I live in Hamburg Germany. I work as an actress and coach. I have an educational background in business.
Subjects we could chat about:
- finding your creativity
- spirituality for beginners
- how to change your career
- self love and intimicay

I used to work in an office job and switsched my career path to acting and coaching. I know what it is like to have a dream and to dare to jump and start acting upon making it a dream come true. I know the fears and how taking little steps is the key. Let's Checkin about how it's going for you.

I often wondered about what spirituality is and felt uncomfortable with it and yet at the same time was curious about it. I found my own way of getting it touch with spirituality and living it without making it too holy. I'd call it a hands-on aproach to spiritualiy. What is spirituality for you?

Until now I lived in the Netherlands, Spain, Luxembourg, Taiwan and Germany. We could chat about what it’s like to live in these countries or about the general challenges and excitements of living abroad. Where are you moving to? What are your concerns and hopes? Looking forward talking to you :)