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👍 3 Kudos
"Shane was an amazing listener, and very friendly"

About Me

I love to learn by however i can. Enjoy conversations and reading. I have always known what my direction in life's supposed to be and for the most part i have followed it. Enjoy the little things in life and take each day the same as a new beginning. A chance to do better than yesterday.

I for the first time in over 20 years have found my self physically unemployed the struggles are real. But it doesnt have to be impossible or worth quitting on. Your stronger than you know

Loss doesnt mean the end its a new beginning full of chances to be what that person believed you could be. Loss by death or separation. Causes extreme feelings that have the ability to advance who you are thru personal growth. Memories may fade the pain never really goes away. It becomes part of you

Yes im a stay at home father. I know the struggles that come with co parenting, balancing life with family and work. Its hard but not impossible. Even with a difficult coparent. I have 2 girls 2 boys and somehow everything works stay positive

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