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"It was really smooth. She is a sweet lady I couldn't ask for more. It was good."
"Shasta is an great listener. She is kind and compassionate. She is full of knowledge."

About Me

Hi, Ive been through the ringer and I'm still standing... It's okay to to not be ok, but you can't do life alone. I'm here if you need a big sis, a friend... Couraging words, or just to vent. Life gets complicated, gut wrenching at times but it's also beautiful! don't miss out on the good 😊

I've had my heart broken many times you can't let it take you to the edge though call me we can talk about solutions and you can vent. Be kind to yourself healing is a process

I've lost many but my mom and my grandparents cut the deepest

I have 7 manageable diseases I know how it feels