About Me

Pronouns She/Her, LGBTQ+ friendly offering mom hugs and unconditional love. I am a single parent to 6 amazing humans making their mark in this world. I have ‘been there’ & ‘done that’. I am kind, caring, compassionate, understanding and empathic. I’m here to listen & help guide you on your journey.

I’ve been a single parent for 28 years raising 6 children; 2 girls, 4 boys. My two youngest are adopted. We travel, home school and work from home. It’s not always harmonious, but it is always rewarding. 🥰 Feel free to ask me anything parenting related.

Dealing with loss is never easy and everyone grieves differently. Whether it be a friend, family member, or pet, I can give you the tools to help you grieve in a healthy way. I am here to listen and hold space for you.

I spent years trying to fit into the stereotypical model of religion only to find myself lonely and depressed. Through years of research and trial and error I finally found peace through a spiritual connection to the Universe. If you feel lost or just have questions, I can help.

I believe everyone has a right to be who they are without judgement or persuasion. As a mother to two beautiful cis female lesbian/bisexual daughters, I am here to support anyone who needs it. Lots of love, mom hugs and chocolate chip cookies are freely given. If you need support, let’s connect.

I currently have an 8yo and a 10yo still at home. They are the youngest of six. I have successfully raised 4 other children. Parenting is not an easy job, and parenting children in this age group seems even more challenging. If you need support, feel free to reach out and connect.