About Me

40 year old widow. Mom of 4. I am wanting to change my outlook. I want laughter and love. I just bought my first home on an acre. So now I feel like a farmer. Ha. HGTV and DYI are new to me!

I am from Lubbock, TX.

I lost my husband in November of 2021. The saying that grief comes in waves...it accurate.

Coparenting has always been hard for me. Then loosing the twins dad...wow. How to Coparent with a ghost...is there a book? How will I ever find someone who adores them the way he did?

IIH, EDS, AS, Fibro....spew multiple off the wall dxs. I have them all. How to be happy when you hurt? How to parent a child with long term illness while you have a long term illness?

Family are hard core Southern Baptist. I have so many questions about a higher power that let littles hurt or experience trauma

I feel inadequate always. I try and help my awkwardness with sarcasm...doesn't always help. I get engrossed and I also self sabotage.