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About Me

What you’ll find with me is no judgement, a listening ear, and much more. Sometimes what you want to hear isn’t what you need and I can promise you to always give it to you 100%. Come chat!

In my life I have had (4) dogs, (1) cat, (1) turtle, (1) hamster, fish, of my own! My childhood dog lived until she was 23 yrs old her death was hard but my first adult dogs death of 11 years was/is harder. Come chat and remember “I loved you your whole life, I’ll miss you for the rest of mine.”

Sometimes having faith is all you need. Everyone has their own path, I would be excited to learn yours. Let’s chat

I am a married lesbian. We all have complex situations. However all situations have solutions. Despite what you might gain or lose let’s talk it out together.

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