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She/her. Neurodivergent. Chronically ill. Physically disabled. Trauma survivor. Blended family. Mom of a trans kid, and Neurodivergent kids. My experiences have only made me more empathic to those of others. I would love to be there for you. Iโ€™m proud of you for reaching out.

I left Christianity in my late 20s, Now in my 30s I consider myself a Celtic Wiccan, tracing my heritage more and practicing more spirituality. I was completely immersed in the Christian culture but have now found that there was a lot of trauma that came from that experience.

Coming from a conservative Christian background, coming out as bisexual and polyamorous was most difficult to admit to MYSELF first. Living with my truth has been the most freeing experience, once I finally did it.

Sometimes I feel like my medical records look like an alphabet soup. ADHD, ASD, PASC(Long Covid)โ€ฆ Having multiple illnesses to juggle can be very overwhelming. Then thereโ€™s the hoops to jump through to get help. How are you handling it?

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