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Born in Northern Ireland but working across the US - soon to be living there. Lover of comedy - I listen to comedy audiobooks to in bed so I go to sleep laughing lol. Passionate about the power of people and community. Founder of TalentSensus and want to make the world a better place. he/him

Having come from a small community, I find myself in the scale-up world meeting with amazing people from all walks of life and I find it difficult to comprehend how or why they give their time to speak with me. Every day making tough decisions and when I look in the mirror I just see wee Stephen.

I always tell myself I am stronger than most - I don't need breaks and can cope. I found out year 2 of being a founder this isn't the case, spending a night in the hospital with an elevated heart rate. Now I take time in the mountains and spend time with those who can defrag me.

Best day of my life - 31 years old starting fresh thinking it would be difficult. Understatement of the generation ha! But its addictive and I love it so much!

Running a start-up whilst also growing your legacy. Id love to hear from others as to how they make sure they get the balance right.

Massive mental health advocate, experienced a loss in my teens of somebody close to me through suicide and understand the impact and change loss has on your story. Would love to hear those who have experienced similar.