I was in the medical field for 10 years Army wife to a veteran I used to be a follower. I was encouraged to become a family readiness leader for the national guard and I didn’t think that anybody would ever see me as a leader. I found my true calling even when life crashes there’s always a big plan

I’ve been in relationships where I’ve been verbally mentally and physically abused I’ve been cheated on I’ve been stepped on I’ve been brought to my knees. I’ve lost everything and had to start over more than once we grow/ strengthen through pain. Heal once we find peace. Now I’m a voice for others

I was an army wife for many years I owned my own coffee shop after leaving my medical career my husband had an affair on me ripped my life out from underneath me but if I never would’ve met him I never would’ve become who I meant to be found my purpose, my mission I grew through pain found myself.

I’ve always had a relationship with God I believe everything happens for a reason we all have a purpose a reason for being here bigger than us our plan isn’t always our plan. We are all somebody’s someone. We’re put in situations to help us grow through the pain so we can be there for others.

I’ve been a single mom on and off most of my life my two older boys lost their dad about a year ago Being a parent isn’t easy but it’s a gift and the only thing we can do is be the best we can be we’re not perfect sometimes we make mistakes and it’s OK pick yourself back up and keep pushing forward.