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About Me

Hi, I am a certified Life Coach, Level 3 Mental Health Coach and also a Certified Biblical Counselor. I’ve been in Womens Ministry for 20+ yrs. I love to encourage people in their relationship with the Creator & with themselves. I’m a good listener & have a-lot of life experiences too lets chat.

20+ Years in Womens Ministry lets talk about what it means to really pursue God and follow Jesus without all the legalism of religion. Lets discover what the creator of the Universe has to say to you.

Im a certified Level 3 Mental Health Coach, after surviving a 30 year narcissistic marriage, being diagnosed w/psoriasis & Hashimoto/Hypothyroidism & other autoimmune immune issues, it was time to take my own mental health & how it related to my physical health serious. Lets chat.

Hurricane Matthew literally washed my narcissistic husband of 30 years out of my house along with a lot of other clutter. 5 years of healing and level 3 Mental Health Coach certification has helped me take back my life and to find joy in just being me.

Adjusting to single life with adult children who I’m so grateful to have great relationships with.