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About Me

I’ve recently moved to the south three months ago from the Midwest. I left due to traumatic experiences I’d endured. I work from home in corporate america. I’m SLOWLY making connections. It gets a little lonely at times which is why I’m on here.

I’ve recently moved to the south and know nobody. I know what it’s like to move to a new place with knowing nobody, working from home and being limited to places to go until you become familiar with your surroundings.

I grew up as a Christian. I’ve had seasons where I’ve waivered within my faith. It wasn’t until three years ago I became solid in who I am in Christ. My approach is always with love and ends in love. As a mentor once told me, “Let LOVE lead.” I live by that today.

I come from a dysfunctional family. I’ve been through hell and back when it comes to my estranged immediate family members. I had to separate myself from my immediate family to discover peace and joy and no drama or gossip.

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