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I have been with my husband for over 25 years. We have had many ups and downs, but seeing both of my parents marry 5 times has given me strength to hold on to our love. Happiness is choice, you can be happy. I am here for you. I am experienced with blended families,w/ 11 siblings & 8 step parents

After being with my husband forever 25 years, making it through thick and thin, We are living proof that you can make it. With my mom and dad being married five times each. I have survived multiple blended families. With eight step parents and 11 siblings. Happiness is a choice,I’m here for you ❤️

I grew up in a very religious Christian sect. I went on a spiritual journey 30 years ago and now I am a children’s yoga instructor.If you are having difficulty navigating family relationships with your new found wisdom. I am here for you if you need a reminder of how incredible this life is.

I am a certified children’s yoga instructor & a disabled veteran. I was medically retired for my severe injuries.I still have a productive life and you can too. Let me show you how happiness is a choice, because I know how mentally exhausting it is to live with a physical disability. I am here for

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