About Me

I am 23, i have a daughter, I live in Nebraska, I am bisexual, and I am proud of you.


My current relationship was the hardest relationship, between deployments, living 18 hours away from each other to moving in together almost three years later.

I moved from Idaho to Nebraska. 18 hours from my nearest family. Then again my family was toxic. Leaving home was hard, but it’s definitely worth it. Worth the new experiences.

My ex husband and I broke up in 2018, since then we have discovered that we are better as friends especially for our daughter. It’s hard on me as to why we broke up but our daughter seeing her mommy and daddy being friends makes her beyond happy.

I’ve been single parenting for almost 3 years now, it’s hard but it is doable.

My mom died when I was 10, my great grandmother passed away when I was 20, my friend committed suicide when I was 13. With all that I found strength..