About Me

I love helping others. I have room in my heart for you. I was born with special gifts to counsel you with whatever you are going through. I am empathetic, and have studied psychology for many years. I have God given instinct to create with you, a plan of joy. Its your birthright.

Teri/ she/her

Estrangement, to be made foreign, non native, erased. My ex spouse took all 4 of my kids and lied to them about me. He lied to my inlaws, and my family. I've learned some powerful things as I am estranged as a mom. I can help you with a new script in your life. You are not alone. I can help you.

I can help you with reasons to proceed or not. Being prepared and having support is absolutely necessary.

My ex spouse taught my 4 kids a lie about their mom. Me. My kids became afraid, and so did I . Possibly irreparable damage to my kids, to break up with their mom, and me, forced into a life of void. Though, I knew I could warn others and learn how to help infinite ties of love. Don't fear, Im here.