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About Me

Hello my name is Eboni . I’ve been on my spiritual journey for several years. I also started and launched my own business this year 2022 selling crystals.. e’m excited about being here on Checkin and I’d love to connect with you!

I am an avid student of Metaphysics. I am a fan of Dolores Cannon, Abraham Hicks, I AM decrees of Saint Germain, ACIM, and many others. I am here to listen if you need to talk. Let’s connect!

Hello, my name is Eboni. And I am a new business owner. I am learning to navigate the world of entrepreneurship. I would love to chat with you at any time about what it’s like becoming a new business owner and following your passion.

As a woman that has taken a very long time to find her voice, I still struggle with the confidence to stand in my light and empowerment. I still question and doubt myself and wonder if I am qualified to speak on a certain topic specifically when it comes to business. Can you relate?