About Me

I am 17, she/her, I am a little shy at the beginning but is because I feel judged just give me time and I will be more outgoing:)

What can I say I have heart broken, relationships have brought me a lot of depression. I have trust issues a lot of anxiety from it but yk I am a hopeless romantic sooo

I know a lot about burn out my career is not the most simple one it is actually very heavy but I know when I need to take a break abode I hate it

I always move I moved 4 years to another country and learned English and I moved last year to another home and right now I am moving 1 hour away from where I was living.

I have being 2 long distance relationship and honestly one of them was the best relationship of my life sadly she broke my heart but still strong

I think I always knew that I liked girls but ig I was denying it, but after all I feel so much like myself now that I am open about it