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About Me

I am a man who has gone through hell in order to experience his personal journey to heaven and chooses to use his story to help people bypass the sometimes unnecessary harshness in order to get to to the healing. It is my prayer that my becoming all that I can be will aid you in becoming yours.

From being raised as as a devout Baptist to now being a Gnostic Buddhist, my spirituality has gone through some interesting ups and downs. But it has been for the best. Finding my path to realizing my Wholeness and Purpose may aid you in your own journey.

Marriage was one of my most sought after goals in life, so you could imagine the devastation I felt when it disintegrated despite my willing efforts. Perhaps the story of how I came through it and learned from it will help you in your journey,both mentally and emotionally.

Once upon a time I used to think that I was not built to work for anybody because I would lose so many jobs. One day I looked at that experience and got an idea that perhaps life was telling me to start my own. Let me share the story of how I became a double business owner with you