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About Me

I am passionate about creating a positive social climate, creating community, healthy communication, just transition to a sustainable economy, decolonization, restorative agriculture and soil health, cultivating self-regulation and positive youth and lifespan development, collaborative leadership.

I experience many chronic physical, mental, cognitive, developmental and emotional conditions which I have had to navigate and develop self-advocacy skills for. I am passionate about patient-centered comprehensive healthcare systems and can provide my perspective about developing self-advocacy.

My experience being raised by my mom and how she was supportive of my conditions or could have done better is a constant discussion topic in my family, improving our family communication and bringing us closer together. I can share our lessons learned.

My mom and I have healed from unsupportive marriages, divorces, codependency, and poor family communication. I can share my experience of being an advocate for my family through those difficult times to find healing and closer connections.

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