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About Me

I'm a single mom of two boys. I have face many barriers in life for myself and for each boy. I learned how to seek help when needed and have found support from others who have experienced similar barriers. These barriers range from mental and physical health issues to parenting and more.

I was recently diagnosed with a seizure disorder which led to losing a job I loved. I experienced symptoms since the age of 14 and was diagnosed at 34. I also have other diagnoses that interfere with daily life. Trying to talk to someone without a disability never seemed to be the support I needed

I am a single parent of two boys ages 15 and 5. I have been a single parent since 2007. My oldest son's father is not in his life at all. My youngest son has epilepsy and SPD. Being a parent can be overwhelming at times but I have found that communicating with others provided support and help I need

As a single mom of 2 boys, I try my hardest to do what's best for them. My oldest doesn't see his father therefore we don't coparent. However, my youngest son's father and I have been actively doing so since his birth. Soon, they will be relocating due to military orders but we will try to continue.

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