About Me

I am a mother to two (ages 10&12), have experience w chronic pain, Near Death Experience, mood disorders and fibromyalgia. I am compassionate and sympathetic towards personal traumas. I believe everyone deserves space held for them and to be heard/understood. I respect all pronouns and privacy here.

Having fibromyalgia changes the way that my body functions daily. I can become suddenly fatigued, in pain from both physical and mental tasks. Though I enjoy cooking, cleaning, dancing, painting it usually requires more energy than I have to spare, even with assistance. It's the body I'm given so :/

My journey began in my teens, tho I didn't have the same curiosity and willingness to work on my state of being until my late twenties. Shadow work has helped shape my character as well as connecting myself back to nature and source energy. I consider myself a shamanistic pagan crystal-loving woman.

My preteens are loud, proud and asserting their independent personalities. My response to uncooperative behaviors is "I don't reward bad behavior." Lots of positive reinforcing, compassion always. My parenting allows for choices, respect, and responsibilities. I've learned patience along the way too